Prestige Somerville Photos

Prestige Somerville Photos

Photos offer a way to showcase the residential home development. They provide more vibrant and legible visuals of the project. Beautiful new homes called Prestige Somerville are being built in East Bangalore near Whitefield on Varthur Road.

The Photos showcase a property's building, floors, arrangement, outside, amenities, and other aspects. Prospective buyers can view the project builder's photos with the most recent updates to understand better the property following construction.

Prestige Somerville is a posh residence project in Whitefield, near Bangalore bustling Varthur Road area. The estate includes 306 magnificent units, a mix of 2, 3, and 4 BHK units, built over two towers on 6.58 acres. The 3 BHK apartments range from 1398 to 2200 square feet, while the 2 BHK residences are roughly 1100 square feet.

Prospective buyers and investors could view the Photos of the project's different amenities. The project also has an amazing view from the outside, and the photos give a detailed look at every component. In addition, the images present the project from several views, starting with the entrance.

  • Exterior Photos: The photos showcase Prestige Somerville's entrance, parking area, and verdant parks, which feature stunning contemporary architecture.
  • Interior Photos: The photos depict the spacious row villas featuring large windows, balconies, and a corridor.
  • Amenities: Prestige Somerville offers a range of modern amenities, including a clubhouse, swimming pool, meditation area, community space, and gym.
  • Other Facilities: Potential buyers can get a clear idea of the surrounding areas by looking at the photos of Prestige Somerville. These images showcase the view from the residential units, the project's vicinity, and IT hubs, giving buyers a complete idea of the facilities and amenities.

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