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Prestige Somerville is known for their state-of-the-art amenities and innovative features. These include a world-class clubhouse, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and more. The emphasis on creating a holistic living environment is evident in every project, making Prestige apartments more than just a home; they are a lifestyle statement. The project includes an exclusive clubhouse that has been built on a vast land area and offers thoughtfully crafted amenities for the enjoyment of residents. Additionally, there is a separately built kids' play area available in the project to provide perfect care and entertainment for the little ones.

Amenities are crucial for achieving higher occupancy rates, increasing property prices, and enhancing resident satisfaction. At Prestige Somerville, residents of all age groups can enjoy the amenities provided in the project. These amenities are not restricted to any particular group of people. The goal is to provide comfort and rejuvenation to busy city dwellers. The project offers various physical, recreational, and entertainment options to help residents stay fit, healthy, and entertained.

The apartments facing the amenities are priced higher than usual, as they offer better views of the project amenities. These apartments offer a peaceful and pleasant lifestyle with good and positive vibes.

Amenities in Prestige Somerville Apartment :

Amenities in Prestige Somerville Apartment

Prestige Somerville's amenities span an 80% open area throughout the project. Our facilities offer innovative features, including seamless integration, a user-friendly interface, well-maintained outdoor spaces, and robust security protocols. Modern technology ensures better efficiency and scalability in all amenities provided to the residents. Our project transforms tasks into intuitive processes, setting new functionality and user satisfaction standards.

These apartments are surrounded by green space and offer over 30 amenities for their residents, such as ;

  • Arrival Court
  • Relaxation Garden and Reflexology Walk
  • Aromatherapy Garden
  • Senior Citizen Zone
  • Zen Putting Garden
  • Hammock Garden
  • Cricket Practice Pitch
  • Pavilion with Seating
  • Event Plaza
  • Community Lawn
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Futsal Court
  • Tot Lot
  • Baby Play Zone
  • Flower Garden
  • Urban Farm
  • Maze Garden
  • Outdoor Lounge
  • Picnic Lawn
  • Alfresco Dining Garden
  • Skating Rink
  • Jogging Path
  • Spice Garden
  • Therapeutic Garden
  • Outdoor Workspace
  • Amphitheatre
  • Swing Garden

Facilities at Prestige Somerville :

Facilities at Prestige Somerville

Prestige Somerville's facilities and services are of the highest quality, providing a perfect blend of modern amenities and personalized care. The developers prioritize the comfort and well-being of the residents with the best recreational spaces and expertly curated services. Prestige Group's commitment and quality of service at Prestige Somerville create an unparalleled experience for residents, offering a haven that caters perfectly to every need without compromise.

Exclusive amenities and facilities at Prestige Somerville :

  • Pet Park
  • Main Signage
  • Table Tennis
  • Guard House
  • Open Car Park
  • Transformer Yard
  • DG Yard
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Play Zone for 3- to 5-year-old
  • Disney Toy Room
  • Kids Aerobics and Yoga
  • Kids Gymnasium
  • Music Room
  • Art Room
  • Dance Room
  • Science Lab
  • Math Room
  • Kids Study Room
  • Library
  • Air Hockey
  • Arcade Game Room
  • Board Room
  • Hands-on Activity Room
  • Mind / Lego / Puzzles Games Room
  • OTT / AV Room

Amenities at Prestige Somerville Clubhouse :

Amenities at Prestige Somerville Clubhouse

The clubhouse at Prestige Somerville provides a range of amenities to enhance social experiences. These include inviting lounges, well-equipped indoor gyms, and large, quiet pools that offer calmness and create interest. These facilities foster a sense of community by providing residents a space to relax, socialize, and enjoy a harmonious blend of leisure and recreation.

Few of the best amenities at Prestige Somerville Clubhouse are :

  • Clubhouse
  • Arrival Plaza
  • Swimming Pool
  • Toddlers' Swimming Pool
  • Events Lawn
  • Open Party Lawn
  • Kids' Playground
  • Sunken Seating Area
  • Pool Deck with Sun Lounges
  • Orchard Garden
  • Lounge Pavilion
  • Meeting Pavilion
  • Sculpture
  • Entrance Canopy
  • Poolside Pavilion
  • Event Plaza
  • Toddlers' Play Zone
  • Urban Farm
  • Multi-Purpose Sports Court
  • Roof Top Garden
  • Creche Garden

Residents living at Prestige Somerville can feel secure knowing the premises are guarded around the clock. Guard houses are stationed at all entry and exit gates, and access to the project is carefully monitored. A dedicated security team is always on-site to ensure the residents' safety. Residents of Prestige Somerville can enjoy a safe and secure living environment with all these measures.

Modern cutting-edge technological methods were used to design and construct the amenities of the Prestige Somerville project's premises. The project has an extremely low environmental impact and minimal carbon footprint. Prestige Somerville includes a separate transformer zone, DG supply zone, sewage treatment plants, waste segregation, and water conservation. The project prioritizes comfort and elegance, setting new standards for modern living.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Prestige Somerville provide separate parking for each residential block?

Prestige Somerville provides reserved parking spaces for residents and visitors, both indoors and outdoors.

2. Is there a heating facility available for the swimming pool at Prestige Somerville?

The Prestige Somerville offers both an indoor and outdoor pool for its residents. The indoor swimming pool has a heating option and an additional kids' pool.

3. Can I make a reservation in advance for an apartment facing the swimming pool and Garden?

Bookings for apartments are now open and can be customized based on preferred amenities. However, amenities facing apartments come with an additional cost.

4. Is there a pet park, or are pets allowed in the amenities of Prestige Somerville?

A dedicated pet park has been established for pets to enjoy with their caretakers. However, pets are only allowed in certain indoor and swimming pool areas.

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