Prestige Somerville Maintenance Charges

Maintenance Charge in residential apartment terms refers to the regular fee collected by the management to keep up with the common areas and amenities in the community. The maintenance charge provides residents with a clean, safe, and well- maintained living environment and is essential to the residential project's general operation and well-being.

Prestige Somerville is located on Old Airport Road near Whitefield in the East Bengaluru neighbourhood. It is aware of the importance of the maintenance charge in maintaining its residents' common areas to uphold living standards. The project focuses on continuously upgrading its common areas and is a prime example of a maintained living space.

Prestige Somerville Project Highlights
Type Apartments
Project Stage Prelaunch
Location Whitefield, Banglore
Builder Prestige Group
Floor Plans 2, 3, 3.5, 4 BHK
Price Strating Rs. 2.62 Cr* Onwards
Total Land Area 6.5 Acres
Total Units 306 Units
Size Range 1773 - 2616 Sq Ft
Towers and Blocks 2 Towers, G + 17 Floors
Approvals RERA
RERA No PR/290224/006660
Launch Date March 2024
Possession Date Dec 2027 Onwards

Prestige Somerville was built on vast acres of land, with more than 75% of that project space kept for a green area that needs weekly or monthly maintenance to give the clean and best experience of a garden city. Residents pay maintenance fees to uphold hygienic, tidy, and lively surroundings.

The following are the different elements which includes Maintenance Charges:

  • Services such as electricity, security and so on.
  • The maintenance charge is determined by the area occupied by the residents for each property zone.
  • Water charges are based on the usage by each apartment.
  • Residents must pay parking area fees to keep it operational.
  • All occupants must pay for lift repair and maintenance.
  • Insurance fees for any commercial use.
  • Emergency funds to pay for any emergency caused by unusual events.
  • Other fees include group festival celebrations, election funds, non-agricultural tax, etc.

Prestige Somerville Maintenance Charge calculation procedure:

Knowing how the maintenance charge is calculated will help determine how much to pay. The Prestige Somerville Maintenance Charge is determined by the unit's size. Buyers may pay the whole sum at once or in monthly instalments.

The following are the methods used to calculate the maintenance charge:

  • Per Square Foot: Prestige Somerville utilizes the per-square-foot method to calculate its maintenance charge. Based on this, a fixed fee is assessed for each square foot of the apartment. The monthly payment would be INR 4000 if the unit is 1000 square feet and if it costs 4 per square foot. One benefit of this approach is its quick and clear price.
  • Equal Maintenance: This technique is applied when the sizes are the same and cannot be differentiated. Each month, the total fees are gathered and split by the number of units. When the flats are all the same size, this strategy works well.
  • The Hybrid Maintenance Charge: The hybrid maintenance charge is the last and most effective strategy. It combines elements of the first two approaches. The cost of the shared amenities is the same for each resident.

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